Maynard Elementary


Welcome to the Maynard Elementary School Webpage!


Elementary Registration:  Contact Ms. Vicki Alphin @ 647-3500 to set up an appointment. 

School begins at 7:55. Please drop off students at the west end of the building.  Enter from 328 W to go through the drop off line. After 7:55, you will need to sign your student(s) in at the elementary office.  Pick-up will also be at the west end of the building but in the reverse direction.  PLEASE avoid blocking driveways.  Car riders will be ready to pick up between 2:47-3:05. Bus riders will dismiss at 3:07 and load when buses get down the hill from the high school. They typically load and leave by 3:17.

IMPORTANT:  For the safety of each student, please plan for consistent pick-up routines.  If pick-up changes, send a note with your child or contact the office before 2:00 so we can best serve your needs. 

*Teachers prepare and send home overviews each week.  If you need to meet with a teacher please email them to schedule a time on their prep periods.

Tiger Care Schedule:

Monday- 3:15-5:15, Kristin Lack

Tuesday- 3:15-5:15, Cassie Damon

Wednesday- 3:15-5:15, Cassie Damon

Thursday- 3:15-5:15, Cassie Damon

*Contact Mr. Byers to sign your child up. Notes will still be sent home for K-3, but all students K-6 are welcome. The cost is $3 per hour, per student.

Tutoring Schedule:

Monday's and Wednesday's- Reading- 3:15-4:15, Jessica Roush, Brittany Grooms

Tuesday's and Thursday's- Math- 3:15-4:15 , Stephanie Miner and Brandy Mull